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AK Party Spokesperson Ömer Çelik reacted to Greece

Making a statement on Twitter, Çelik said:

„Greece’s attempt to arm the island of Meis is new a piracy example. is folly to gun pointed to Turkey’s coast.

Greece unlawfully by taking these steps in the Aegean and has been representative of piracy policy in the Mediterranean.

Legal solve problems through diplomacy on the basis of instead, the pirates deal with regulating sabotage diplomacy Greece.

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Greece is the result of these steps will be heavy failure.

Greece wants to solve problems through law, Turkey is the most reliable interlocutor. talking with Turkey instead If you prefer to exercise with France will see it how wrong.

Greece will learn that we have a strong answer to give to every step. „

Education Minister Ziya Selcuk first course ringing the çaldıtürki to

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