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The A National Football Team will face its rival Hungary in the UEFA Nations B League 3rd Group for the 13th time in its history. & Nbsp; In 12 games played between the A national teams of the two countries, 6 official and 6 private, Hungary has an advantage in the number of wins. 4 of the Turkey won the remaining 12 games, Hungary was separated winners from 6 times in the field during this time, 2 matches the draw bitti.türkiye a total of 15 lake, Hungary 25 responded with goals. & Nbsp; up to include in official matches with one yenilgitürki Hungary now 6 official matches were played. Turkish National Team, competing in these games only once defeated oldu.1996 1 European Championship Qualifiers match ended 2-2 in Budapest in Group A, while the second leg held in Istanbul, Turkey kazandı.2008 2-0 European Championship Qualifiers Group in Turkey, 1-0, 3-0 victory in Istanbul while geldi.2014 world Cup European qualifying competitions held at the Budapeşte’t in Hungary, Turkey 3-1 when superiority, the encounter ended 1-1 in Istanbul. Hungarians over different galibiyettürki the 97 most different scoring one of defeat in year history, aldı.ay-star team competing against Hungary, April 4, 1984 in Istanbul made a special match in Hungary 6-0 from yenildi.macaris B National Team 2 game National Football team, with the B national team of Hungary also 2 special match yaptı.türki, 17 and April 22, 1932 made history in the second match 2-1 and Hungary 4-1 lead with yitirdi.maçlartürki with the remaining matches between national teams The results are as follows: Date Place Organization Result —————————————— ——————————- 19.02.1956 Istanbul Private 3-129.04.1962 Budapest Private 1-222.09.1982 Györ Special 0-504.04.1984 Istanbul Special 0-616.03.1988 Budapest Special 0-105.09.1990 Budapest Special 1-407.09.1994 Budapest European Championship Qualifiers 2-206.09.1995 Istanbul European Championship Qualifiers 2-007.10.2006 Budapest European Championship Qualifiers 1-012.09.2007 Istanbul European Championship Qualifiers 3-016.10.2012 Budapest World Cup Qualifiers 1-326.03 .2013 Istanbul world Cup Qualifiers 1-1 Note: Matches results are taken as the first team in Turkey.

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