With the lifting of the fishing ban in the first minutes of September 1, fishermen set out to sea, sayingVira Bismillah”. As the first day of the hunting season was fertile, the acorns decorated the stalls.

Although the fish was more than 10 lira, it kept the citizens a little away from the stalls. Some citizens, who thought that the prices were high due to the first day, wished that the acorn would become cheaper in the following days.

The citizen named Hüsnü Yunus Metin, who finds fish prices high but thinks that it will decrease in the coming days, said, “Today is the first day of the season. That’s why the prices are a little high. At least I think that’s why it’s high. In the following days, both fish grow more and the price decreases because of the abundance. Not all purse-seines have come ashore yet. The real price of the fish will reveal itself after the second day. I think everyone will be able to get to fish easily this year. The painting of the first day shows him ”.

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Another consumer, Muharrem Çatan, who stated that the prices are expensive said, “We have just arrived, we are looking. The season has just opened but the price is a bit expensive in my opinion. The very small is 5 liras. He probably used the expressions because of his first release.

Veli Yıldız, who meets the prices normally, said, “These prices are free for those who have money. So normal. The prices should be like this, this is what will happen from now on. It is not possible to be lower than this ”.

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