Fenerbahçe Technical Director Erol Bulut spoke after the preparatory match where they defeated Antalyaspor 4-0. & Nbsp; Noting that they should eliminate the deficiencies, Bulut said, “If we evaluate our last 3 preparatory matches, we are in a good exit. Our football players tried to reflect what we wanted. We won 4-0, nice but we should not ignore minor shortcomings, we need to be even better. We did the beginning well, I hope the continuation will come. ” The technical man, who also conveyed his views for Thiam, who made hat-tricks in the match, said, “Thiam played well today, he played on the wing. He showed us that he felt pleasant on the wing. If we look at our other players, everyone did his best. We did not evaluate the positions we caught well in the Alanya match before, there We entered the 10-12 position, we did well today, I hope it will continue like this. ” used the expressions.

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