The suspect, who claimed that boiling water was considered as a weapon, was asked to be sentenced to a sentence of up to 4.5 years fordeliberate wounding with a gun”. Kesra Yılmaz, the biological mother of the victim girl, objected to the requested punishment and said, “Is this justice? My daughter returned from death. I want her to stay in prison for a lifetime.

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In Ümraniye 15-year-old IT in January He went to his father and stepmother to spend the semester break. According to the allegations, her stepmother Yasemin T. poured boiling water over I.T.’s head, whom she called into the kitchen with the excuse of putting the dishes into the machine. The girl with a burning head and back was taken to the hospital. After the incident, the investigation was completed by the public prosecutor and an indictment was prepared against Yasemin T. In the indictment that boiling water was accepted as a weapon, Yasemin T. was asked to be sentenced to a prison sentence of up to 4.5 years fordeliberate wounding with a gun.

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Reminiscent of the incident that took place in January, Kesra Yilmaz, the real mother of IT, said,” My daughter wanted to go to her father after receiving her report card. His aunt asked him to come back after talking to his father. His father asked him to stay for another day. The next evening, they poured tea water after eating. Later, his stepmother asks him to arrange the dishes in the dishwasher. He pours boiling water over his head while turning on the machine. My daughter is fainting at that time. The woman runs away and goes in. She also came to the surface. They put yogurt on her face. She says she spilled it by mistake on my daughter, if she accidentally spilled it, she would come in front of her. a. We brought special vests from abroad. can not breathe it even harder wearing, “he said.

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The requested oppose the imprisonment Yılmaz said, “I cry every day. My heart is falling apart. My daughter will live a lifetime watch. My daughter is constantly looking in the mirror. Her hair is burned, she is wearing a wig. My daughter’s life is ruined. He cries constantly. He gets up at night in fear. ‘They’re burning me. That woman will kill me, ‘he shouts. They demanded 4.5 years of imprisonment for the woman. Is this justice? My daughter has returned from the dead. How can we make this happen. They also have their own children. I want him to stay in prison for a lifetime.

Tried to commit suicide two times

Mother Yılmaz said that her daughter’s psychology was impaired and she tried to commit suicide twice. , “My daughter’s psychology is bad. I take it to a psychologist and it gets treatment. He tried to commit suicide twice. We drank the medicines at home, and we barely brought them to the hospital. I cannot leave it alone, I am constantly following.

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