Ziyat Muhammed, a 10-year-old Syrian living in Dikili Mahallesi Neighborhood Yıldız Street, had his bike broken on the street. Yilmaz, who came across Muhammed whose bicycle broke down on the road while he was conducting an inspection throughout the district, tried to repair the bicycle.

Seeing that the bicycle was unusable, Yılmaz bought a new bicycle for the Syrian Mohammed, whom they did not want to be upset any more.

Yılmaz went to his house and gave the new bike he bought as a gift to Muhammed. He understands the Police Department’s social media accounts, “We are beginning the task to smile on the faces of our children …” title was shared with.

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The district police chief Idris Yilmaz, street by Mohammed Stating that they met and tried to help him for his broken bike, he said, “We realized that his bike was broken, but it was not like to be repaired. We promised to give a new one to replace his broken bike. Today, we visited our Syrian brother at his home and gave him his bike.He said.

Ziyat Muhammed thanked Yılmaz, who made him happy, then got around on his bike.

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