Yalçın Abravcı (23) and İsmail Aydoğan (23), who have been repairing automobile engines for 10 years in the Orta Sanayi District of Kayseri’s Melikgazi district, started to develop a vehicle that can be commanded by mobile phone during a chat with their mutual friend Taha Candan (20). decided.

3 friends doing research for the project first applied the APK system, which was prepared by their software developer friends with a budget of 2 thousand TL, on a 1992 model car. Commanded from the mobile phone, the vehicle started itself without contact and driver. The masters who improved the system also activated the automatic trunk opening, moving the vehicle and the horn system. Later, the system developed in the same week was applied to another brand of 1994 model of İsmail Aydoğan. The same system worked well on the track.

Engine master Yalçın Abravcı said, “We made a voice command system for cars with my brother Ismail, who is my shop neighbor. We thought to do this with a computer or mobile phone system. We told our mutual friend Taha Candan about the situation. While he was developing the software system, we were mechanical and electrical. “We downloaded the software program to our mobile phone. My vehicle works with the command I gave to my mobile phone, it moves, opens the luggage. We will develop it further. We prepared our patent application, we will apply. We definitely do not intend to sell our vehicles. The approximate cost reached 2 thousand TL” spoke.

İsmail Aydoğan said, “We developed a similar system with Yalçın and another vehicle with voice command and it was successful. Thanks to the software and mechanical system developed within a week, we applied Şahin and BMW to the vehicle. The features of each vehicle vary according to the equipment. You need to have a good imagination to be able to do this. We have blended our imagination with technology and developed these tools. The tradesmen around us showed great interest. There has been a lot of demand. I hope we will get the patent and develop it in a short time. Our vehicle works and moves at idle speed. We will offer the opportunity to use it remotely without contact.

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