The accident occurred at the junction of İdil-Cizre ring road Sanayi Sitesi. According to the information obtained, the lorry loaded with flour under the administration of Selahattin Tanrıkulu on the way from İdil towards Habur Border Gate, crashed into another truck that was cruising at the junction of the police point at the entrance of Cizre. With the impact of the collision, the flour sacks in the truck were scattered around, and the fuel tank on the trailer of the truck exploded. In the incident, the driver Selahattin Tanrıkulu, Mahmut Akın and Abdurrahman Öner were stuck in the vehicle. While Cizre-Nusaybin and Cizre-İdil highways were closed to transportation in the accident, 112 emergency health, fire and police teams were dispatched to the region upon the notification of the citizens. strong>

While the citizens tried to extinguish the flames that came out after the explosion phase of the fuel tank with their own means, with the intervention of the firefighters who came to the scene, the flames were extinguished in a fun short time. With the fire under control, firefighters and citizens mobilized to rescue the wounded from where they were stuck. When the fire crews of the Municipality of Cizre were insufficient in the accident, where the police took extensive security measures, the wounded were rescued from the place where they were stuck after about an hour of work with the help of two cranes. Driver Selahattin Tanrıkulu, Mahmut Akın and Abdurrahman Öner, who were taken out of the vehicle by the rescue teams, were taken to the Cizre State Hospital by ambulances. Magazin

Selahattin Tanrıkulu, Mahmut Akın and Abdurrahman Öner, who were taken to the Cizre State Hospital, lost their lives despite all the efforts of the doctors. Cizre-Nusaybin and İdil-Cizre highways, which were closed for 1 hour due to the accident, were opened to access in a controlled manner.

An investigation has been initiated.

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