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The Sea To Sky Enduro Races, which will be held for the 11th time this year in Antalya, will be held in Kemer district on September 23-26.

In the statement made by the Municipality of Kemer, it was stated that the registrations for the races are continuing.

The statement pointed out that the spectator points will not be created within the scope of the new type of coronavirus measures and it was noted that 200 local and foreign athletes will participate in the races.

It was stated that the races that will start with the stage to be held on September 23 at Kındılçeşme Beach will end with the mountain stage on September 26, and it was emphasized that this year, instead of the canyon stage, the plateau stage will be held.

Mayor of Kemer, Necati Topaloğlu, whose opinions were given in the statement, stated that the races contributed greatly to the promotion of the region and Turkish tourism.

Topaloğlu stated that they will take all precautions due to the pandemic in the races.

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