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Galatasaray Coach Fatih Terim made a statement at the press conference held before the away fight with Azerbaijani representative Neftçi Baku in the Second Preliminary Round of the UEFA Europa League. Here are the highlights of the statements of Fatih Terim … Galatasaray is a team that is accustomed to Europe. It wants to fight to the end under any circumstances. „
“ All our players should be accustomed to this atmosphere, this intense pace. No longer rotation, if possible 1 and I want to capture the performance superiority arising from the level competition of the numbers 2 on the field. Frankly, I do not mean rotation. „
“ We will play a match on Thursday, we will be in Istanbul against Friday morning. We’ll play derby over the weekend and if we pass the round we’ll play qualifiers again. We need to get used to it. „
“ It’s like at home. z. Neftçi’s commandos are good against us, we will pay attention. Everyone will want to win, nothing more natural than that. „
MUSLERA WILL LEAVE THE FOOTBALL AT GALATASARAY!“ Muslera is a figure that is important to us with its humanity and goalkeeping. I think he will leave the football in Galatasaray. „
“ „I see, there are many transfer names, I do not know. I do not want to make the transfer. If there is a transfer, we will continue with this team. If not, we will not make decisions, we will not say“ < "The most important deficiency that separates us from Europe in recent years is the economic factors. The scissors are opening and now everyone's problem is the same"

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