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Fatih Terim, the living legend of Galatasaray, turned 67 years old. A cake was cut in Florya yesterday morning before training. The one with the UEFA Cup on the cake drew attention. The Emperor’s birthday was also celebrated by his current players, many players he worked with in the past, UEFA and FIFA. Speaking to his players, Fatih Terim said, „When I look at it this way, most of my life has been here, it was in Galatasaray. I hope you will have such happy years throughout your life, as long as you play football, after quitting football. Family is very important. First I thank my family. Then I thank the Galatasaray family. Don’t be surprised by the family for that. I thank you all again. “ The emperor went to Bodrum with his family as soon as he trained. Term will be at the head of the team on Monday.

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On the other hand, with the announcement that the first half of the Super League will be played without an audience, Galatasaray took a new step in the combined sales. Those who buy VIP seats or combined cards this season will be able to use their rights in the first half of the next season. In the Super League, it was announced that 30 percent of the capacity will be taken from October, and then TFF changed this decision.


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