The 29-year-old football player, who made statements at his team’s camp in Afyonkarahisar, made an assessment before the season to begin on September 11.

Saying that he had a successful performance in Göztepe, where he played for a loan last year, Soner said, about extending his rental contract with the yellow-red club for 2 + 1 years, „The option to buy was already in Göztepe. I say for myself, thanks for having a good season, thanks to the fans. Göztepe community loved me very much. I liked them very much. Many offers came. But I chose to stay here because I am very happy and I had a good season. “ he spoke.

„Foreign rule“ comment

Turkey Football Federation (TFF) transfer his views on the foreign player rule Soner, „I think it was quite right choice. Because the young talents of our lot. Especially our players going abroad, they made us clear our brothers representing their performances in the middle. I trust our young people I think this rule will make our youth stand out again. I think it was a good result, I think. He commented.

„It’s really boring to play without an audience“

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Stating that they could not get enough of their newly opened stadiums due to the pandemic, Soner said about TFF’s limited number of spectators watching the match for the next season, „We played 3 matches with our audience at our stadium. Then it was already a pandemic process. We continued without an audience. We missed them very much. I think it will be played with 30 percent capacity. We are grateful even to him. It is really boring to play without an audience. The audience is a driving force behind us. I hope we want to start as soon as possible and reach them at 30 percent. “ He spoke in the form.

„National team is the top peak of this business“

The yellow-red football player emphasized that he wanted to increase his performance this year and put the A National Team uniform on his back and said:

„We have been doing this for years and the national team is the top peak of this business. I started playing in the Super League at the age of 17. I caught the A National Team at the age of 21. Of course, although I could not find the chance to form much, I got there again at the age of 21. This year, too. , I want to do more than last year and catch my dream national team again. I want to be there permanently. “

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