The statement made by the yellow-red team is as follows:

” The need to make a statement again has arisen due to the recent sharing of official documents regarding the payments made to the managers in various media in violation of moral and legal rules.

Those who carried out this planned and organized attack aimed at wearing down Galatasaray Sports Club and its Board of Directors, lowering the brand value of Galatasaray, and preventing our 23rd championship are known to our community and the sports public.

Those who published the documents committed a crime under the Personal Data Protection law by deciphering the signatures on them. All legal proceedings have been initiated in order to impose the necessary penalties on individuals, including the person who was the leading actor of the tapes in which illegal transactions were published in the past and committed document theft on order in return for financial benefit.

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All documents and information regarding the administrative, financial and sports transactions of Galatasaray Sports Club are disclosed in the annual activity reports. In addition, our club is constantly audited financially by national and international independent audit firms and is also under the scrutiny of UEFA in accordance with the Financial Fair Play agreement. Therefore, all agreements made are made within the framework of legal rules, taking into account the interests of Galatasaray Sports Club. Our club does not have any illegal action or action to hide it from the public.

We invite our community to be careful and to act in one body against the perception operations carried out with the intention of slandering the Galatasaray Sports Club and its management and damaging its reputation as if there was an element of crime in various media. It is announced to the public with respect. ” yenilenen adresi olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. giriş sonrası %100 Hoşgeldin promosyon kazanabiliyorsunuz.


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