1905 The award ceremony, organized by GSYİAD, was held closed to the press at Türk Telekom Stadium.

The Dutch player Donk, who has been playing in the yellow-red football team since January 2016, won the “Galatasaray Sportsman of the Year” award given by 1905 GSYİAD. Donk received his award from 1905 Galatasaray Manager and Business People Association President İbrahim Hatipoğlu.

The 34-year-old football player, who made a statement at the award ceremony, stated that he was very happy and said, “Obviously, I have made a great effort last season. It is very valuable for me to see this effort. We had a good season, but after the epidemic, it did not improve. As it was, we also had problems and we could not finish the season as we wanted. We have to work hard and become champions again this season. When you look at it, we have been champions 2 times in a row. This creates pressure on you, but we have to do a work in return. needs to be at the top. ” used the expressions.

1905 GSYİAD President İbrahim Hatipoğlu stated that they determined the player who won the award with a survey among the members.

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Noting that Ryan Donk scored a critical goal in the derby, where they beat Fenerbahçe 3-1 on the road last season, Hatipoğlu said:

“We organize this every year in April, but we could not do it in April and May due to the pandemic process. Today it was our fortune. Ryan Donk was the athlete of this year with the most votes. We congratulate him on behalf of our association. We believe that he will serve for many years. He won this award.” In addition to the performance of the season, the whole team has a contribution. We evaluate the league until the pandemic process. During this period, Galatasaray had a very good start for 8 games. There was a team that played very well. Unfortunately, the referee accidents that happened to us left us in a position to end the season in an unwanted way. Especially in the period up to the pandemic, our team showed a great success. Ryan Donk had a very serious contribution in this. and congratulate him. “

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