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In Trabzonspor, eyes focused on transfer. After the Samsunspor match, the incompatibility in the center of the defense was noteworthy in the preparatory exam played with Çaykur Rizespor, while reinforcement to this region came to the fore. Notifying the current center backs Majid Hosseini and Manuel Da Costa to find a club for them, the management continues to negotiate with the Feyenoord club for Edgar Ie. If these players leave the team, only Gaston Campi and Hüseyin Türkmen will remain.

The bordomavillians, who find young stoppers Atakan Gündüz and Ahmet Can Kaplan as insufficient experience yet, are planning two reinforcements to this region. It accelerated its management initiatives. There are 4 names on the agenda. Vitor Hugo from Palmeiras, Yordan Osorio from Porto, Kortney Hause of Aston Villa and Alpaslan Öztürk of Göztepe. The long-dealing transfer committee for four players aims to sign at least one before the league starts. The latest situation in the interviews is as follows:

Favorite of the technical delegation. There is no disagreement in the talks with his football and his manager. However, his club, Palmeiras, is not happy with the idea of ​​hiring the player. The requested transfer fee of 3.5 million Euros was found high. Negotiations continue.

The latest situation of Abdülkadir Ömür has been announced! Disability … After defeating Çaykur Rizespor 4-3, Trabzonspor continued to work after the preparatory match, Abdülkadir Ömür, who was injured, was reported to be in good condition. | Last minute Trabzonspor news continued news

It is one of those whose name is brought up frequently. However, there are serious numerical changes in preliminary talks with both the player himself and his club Porto. Despite this, the player has a desire to play in a team where it can take more time.

It was suggested to Trabzonspor through the English player managers. Burgundy-blues are thinking of renting Hause with the option to purchase … However, Aston Villa does not look favorably on this move without transferring the stopper. The distance could not be covered in the first contacts.

For the player, who attracted attention with the 7 goals he scored this season in Göztepe, the management will negotiate for a swap or transfer at an affordable cost. However, the Aegean team also needs financial resources. The answer to Trabzonspor’s swap offer is unclear.

Trabzonspor asked for permission! “Make my transfer easy”

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