Mayor Fatih Mert made statements to the press members about the new season, the spending limits and goals of the teams in Beştepe Facilities.

Turkey Football Federation (TFF) Club Licensing Committee noted that they are next to Fenerbahce on team spending limits announced by Mert „We understand how we show unity with the club about to drop out of the league then we say we’ll be there when there is another club’s problem. Fenerbahce on this subject We are by our side, the issue of increasing the limit may be necessary for other clubs, but we think that even if it is a club that has problems, we should be supportive in reasonable situations. “ used the expressions.

Fatih Mert stated that they care about the ‚Reserve League‘ issue, which came to the agenda, „We had this problem when we had a transfer ban last season. We could not find a football player to play from the infrastructure. We had serious problems because the under-21 league was finished. In the lower league, there is a switch between two teams. The idea of ​​the league was presented. I also think it will be beneficial. We give players for hire, but I see that the players we sent did not play. If there is such a league, it would be good for Turkish football. “ he spoke.

„We want to have a good season“

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Fatih Mert reminded that they agreed with coach Fuat Çapa for the new season and expressed that they are confident in his experience and communication.

Explaining that they had a bad season but were hopeful for the new season, Mert said:

„We have made a new start, we want to have a good season. Fuat Çapa was a teacher who was on our agenda before. The season he spent in Kasımpaşa attracted everyone’s attention. He is a teacher who understands modern football and speaks foreign languages. Communication with football players will be comfortable. The interpreter was not always able to correctly express the topics emphasized by the teacher during the course of his career. Fuat is someone we will have no problem with in terms of communication. We believe that we will have a good time with him. „

Reminding that the transfer bans are still continuing, Mert reminded that „We need nearly 40 million lira. This corresponds to the budget Ankaragücü will receive from TFF for this season. We are doing our best to solve it. In fact, we tried to solve it in the first half of the last season, but they did not come close. We know these names. We know these names. They are doing their best not to solve it, but we hope we will solve it. If this problem is solved, we will also pay a testimonial to promising football players. There is an imbalance in wages, we are trying to solve it. used the expressions.

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