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Çaykur Rizespor signed a 5-year contract with its new transfer Can Muhammet Vural at the ceremony held at Mehmet Cengiz Facilities. Çaykur Rizespor Vice President Serkan Karavin, who signed the contract with Can Muhammet Vural from Pazarspor with which he has signed a pilot team agreement, said: “We are signing a 5-year contract with our brother. But this year, Pazarspor will sweat the jersey. Our hearts and hearts are with him. We attach great importance to young people. I hope we will provide more extraordinary services when our infrastructure building is finished. ”& Nbsp; Pazarspor President Mustafa Taşkın, who was present at the signing ceremony, also said,“ I attach great importance to the pilot team contract made by Çaykur Rizespor with Pazarspor. In 3-4 years, we will understand how important this contract is. The foundations of this project were laid solid. If we go in this direction, we will see together the proof that Rize and the children of this region can play under the Rizespor jersey. For years, we longed for the youth of the region to be unable to play in our Rizesport. As Pazarspor, our mission is to train athletes for teams in the Super League. If we stay patient for a year or two without being too hasty, we will reap the benefits. ”Young football player Can Muhammet Vural also said,“ I am aware of the expectations from me. The important thing is that I can fulfill these expectations as soon as possible. I am very happy to join the Rizespor family. I will do my best to become a worthy athlete for this mosque ”. & Nbsp;

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