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Sivasspor lost 1-0 to Konyaspor in the first week of the Super League. After the match, Sivasspor President Mecnun Otyakmaz, who answered the questions of the journalists at the exit of the stadium, said, “It is the first match of the league and a match we want to win. We thought it would be a morale boost before the Copenhagen game. It was very important to start the season well, but unfortunately we lost. Congratulations to Konyaspor. It was a match we wanted to win, but we lost. We will make up for it in the next matches as well,” he said. Otyakmaz said, “They may all be, but we have a rich staff. We are missing a couple of points. Our injuries came back. We have quite a large staff. It was a game we should have won and we could have won. But although there were not many positions, we could not evaluate the positions we obtained. We conceded the goal by personal error. Good health. Our team is a good team. He will surely fix this in the upcoming matches and he will get an advantageous score in the Copenhagen match.” He replied, “The federation must solve the problem.” When asked by a journalist, “The fans had problems with passoligs while entering the stadium,” President Otyakmaz replied: “There were problems in all stadiums. Our fans are not used to this system yet. For some reason, a few difficult actions are asked to be done at once. It is necessary to adjust the HES, there are vaccines and there is a mess. Hopefully, some action will be taken against them in the coming weeks. Many of our fans, unfortunately, could not enter the stadium despite having paid for it. There was a major problem. The federation needs to deal with this as soon as possible.” “We will achieve an advantageous score” Otyakmaz also spoke about the UEFA European Conference League Play-Off debut match that they will play with Copenhagen on Thursday, “Actually, we focused only on the league today. Let’s learn from our mistakes here for the Copenhagen game. We will do our best to achieve an advantageous score. We will continue our work,” he said.


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