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The fire, which started at 14:00 on August 6, in the forest on Gökbel Mountain, in the rural Hacıveliler District of Muğla Yatağan, spread to the rural Akçaova neighborhood of the Çine district of the neighboring province Aydın, with the effect of the wind. 6 neighborhoods where the flames progressed were evacuated as a precaution. Upon the notice, many sprinklers belonging to the Regional Directorate of Forestry and firefighters affiliated with Aydın Metropolitan Municipality were dispatched to the region.

While the flames were brought under full control on August 9 with intervention from the air and land, it was announced that approximately 500 hectares of land were damaged.


While we were breathing a sigh of relief after the flames were extinguished, flames rose again from the forest in the rural Akçaova District of Çine at around 17.30 today.

After the villagers’ notice, 3 helicopters and 7 water pumps were dispatched to the region. Firefighters were also sent to the area as reinforcements. It was stated that while the flames were effective in high areas with the effect of the wind, intense efforts were made to prevent them from descending to the settlements.

A NEIGHBORHOOD HAS BEEN evacuated as a precautionary measure

When the fire in Sarıköy District spread with the effect of the wind, citizens living in Kabalar District, which is close to the region, evacuated their homes for precautionary purposes.

While airplanes and helicopters intervene in the extinguishing works until it gets dark, the work continues from the land.


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AK Party Aydın Deputy Mustafa Savaş, who went to the fire area, said, “We came here as soon as we heard of the fire. We immediately contacted our Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, we talked to our Regional Director of Forestry. In a while, the intervention started from land and air. At first, it started with 6 helicopters and Then a firefighting plane came. At the moment, the intervention from the land continues. Depending on the situation of the fire, they will send 3 helicopters with night vision in the evening. However, the situation is improving as of now. We will take it under control before it spreads much. As a precaution, Kabalar, the closest neighborhood to the fire area, will send 3 helicopters with night vision. We also evacuated the citizens in his neighborhood from their homes,” he said.


Hatice Kardaş (70), one of the citizens who evacuated their houses in Kabalar District for the second time, said, “We experienced the second fire fear. We were so scared of the first fire and evacuated our house. We just took our clothes and my medicine and left. We didn’t get anything else. Where will we take it? We are waiting here. If the fire does not go out at night, I will go to my daughter’s house in another neighborhood,” he said.

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