News of Eskişehirspor:
“We gave Bilal Ceylan to Beşiktaş for 3 million 300 liras. With this money, we tried to close the FIFA files of Eskişehirspor, which was in trouble. We invited Jerry Akaminko to Eskişehir the other day. We agreed on 477 thousand Euros by making a discount of 500 thousand Euros from the purchase of 970 thousand Euros. We paid 200 thousand Euros in advance. We divided the remainder into 4 taxis. There will be no transfer ban and penalty to delete points from the Akaminko file. ” 5 files closed
“Later, we owe 62 thousand Euros to the Napredak club. We agreed with a payment method of 34 thousand Euros and closed this file. In addition, we agreed with the negotiations made to the Chinese club Guangzhou for 22 thousand Euros and we paid this file, it was removed from the agenda. In addition, we reduced David Odonkor’s 174 thousand Euros file to 50 thousand Euros in bargains and we managed to close it by paying. Kamal Issah had a claim of 238 thousand Euros. We agreed for 67 thousand Euros and paid and closed this file. We managed to close 5 of 6 FIFA files in total. ” A ban is not on the agenda
“In talks with Pinto, Kulach and Toko, we also paid them some sum. When the income comes to our club, we will be able to close the files by paying these players. Currently, it is not on the agenda to have bans from 9 FIFA files. A total of 1 million 638 thousand Euros, or 14 million Euros, was paid to 9 creditor players. Apart from these, our revenues, which are the progress payments of Eskişehirspor, but are assigned, are 14 million TL. In short, we made a total payment of 28 million for the 14 months we came. ” We paid 40 million
“During this period, we paid 11 million lira for our club expenses. When we add all these together, we paid 40 million in 14 months. I am appealing to the institutions of all cities that have not supported us until now, or to anyone who wants to support us. This club has no files to close. We started our mission in a dark tunnel. Thanks to the work we have done, Eskişehirspor’s end is not dark. Light began to appear inside the dark tunnel. We’ll come out of this dark tunnel. Just support us. ” Work has already started
“We are laying the foundations to become a club that makes everyone proud with its sportive success and economy. We also know that we have lost our hopes of staying in the league this season. We will be focusing on FIFA and TFF files until the end of the season. We will try to turn them off. We want to lift our ban during the summer transfer period and prove that we are guests in the 2nd League. We have already started working to return to the 1st League again. ” Target 1 million saplings
“We have 2 projects we want to implement. One of these
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