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Erdal Torunoğulları, who is responsible for the transfer in Beşiktaş, said that they are in contact with 4 names and they are making an effort to make the right decision. Speaking to NTV, Torunoğulları said, „Players who are on our agenda Kalinic, Ze Luis, Aboubakar and Cisse. We made our offer to Atletico Madrid for Kalinic. Ze Luis and Cisse are also on our transfer list. I cannot say which of these names we will add to our squad. Erdal Torunoğulları said that they also met with Vincent Aboubakar, who played in Beşiktaş four seasons ago, and that they will decide according to the health reports of the Cameroonian football player. Black and white manager; „Vincent Aboubakar can leave his club Porto free of charge. We talked to him. If we decide on Aboubakar for the striker position, he will go through the health checks we have applied for every player. used.
KNEE DISABILITY YES 28-year-old player, who played 21 games in the last 2 seasons due to a knee injury, scored 6 goals. Aboubakar, who wore the black and white jersey 38 times in the 2016-2017 season, where he played in Beşiktaş and won the championship, performed 19 goals and 4 assists. The Cameroonian star scored 109 goals in 283 matches in his professional club career, and made 37 assists and directly contributed to 136 goals in total.

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