Tomorrow, in the critical match between Fenerbahçe and Göztepe in Istanbul, Canary’s weapon Thiam and Eye-Eye’s captain Halil will untangle the knot.


In Spor Toto Super League, the eyes will be in the critical 90 minutes to be played between Fenerbahçe, champion candidate in İstahbul and Göztepe, which is now aiming to climb to the top positions. Wing players will decipher the difficult struggle of Göz-Göz, who stood up with the victory of Canarya and Başakşehir, which are partners to the summit with 51 points. The performances of star Halil Akbunar, who wore the captain’s armband this season, from the infrastructure of Mame Thiam and Göztepe, which the yellow-blue team added to their squad at the beginning of the season, will change the outcome of the match. strong>
Senegalese winger Thiam, who stood out among the star names in Fenerbahçe this season and played on the counter in the last weeks, made a great contribution to the score with a performance of 2 assists while scoring 6 goals in 19 games in the league. Goztepe’s shining star, Halil on the other hand, is having the most productive season in the yellow-red team. The 27-year-old winger played in 24 league games this season and became the top scorer of his team with 6 goals and 6 assists. Halil Akbunar, who played in İzmir in the 2018-2019 season and scored a goal that destroyed Fenerbahçe in the match Göztepe won 1-0, will again be the most effective weapon of Göztepe. SPECIAL INTEREST IN JAHOVİC
Adis Jahovic, who returned to GÖZTEPE during the interim transfer period after a 3-year separation, is specially prepared for the Fenerbahçe match. The Macedonian football player, who played in the Başakşehir match after two matches in yellow-reds, could not meet with the goal yet. Technical boss Ünal Karaman is preparing the 32-year-old star goal scorer, who won a penalty for his team in the Başakşehir match and entered many positions, specially for Fenerbahçe’s away. It was learned that Adis, who will take the field as a goal gun in Kadıköy, promised Karaman a goal. Adis, who has scored 35 goals in 56 official matches before in Göztepe and is the top scorer in the club’s history, is expected to start his goals with Fenerbahçe.

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