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Micic, who is a guest of the first episode of Corendon Airlines’ new project “Corendon Sport Talks”, said, “My biggest supporter is my sister Nina, who is also a very successful athlete. ” The 27-year-old basketball player, who stated that he had an important place in his father’s life, said, “He was also a sports teacher, he was the one who taught me the basics of sports. I lost it years ago. I spent part of my childhood around Serbia’s most famous mountain and ski resort Kopaonik Mountain. Kopaonik is a very touristic place but for 10-15 days. I lived there 12 months of the year. I could not imagine a better childhood. Our freedom there was priceless. ” he spoke. “Before I stepped into basketball, I was a professional skier” Micic explained that he was professional skiing before basketball, “I was very successful. I started playing basketball at school. I stepped into Red Star at a young age. academy is in collaboration with Red Star. That’s how I started building my basketball career. ” used the expressions. Mega Vizura in that professional, immediately after Bayern Munich and reminding play at TOFAŞ Micic, said: “I started to like this place after arriving in Turkey, frankly. I love this country. I love the mentality of the people here. I want to play in a day, the Istanbul team I can say that it was a very important move to go to Zalgiris Kaunas afterwards. I decided to come to Anadolu Efes after Zalgiris Kaunas. Istanbul is also my favorite city. It is a beautiful city, I love it. “Micic, also about travel preferences” I always prefer to travel by plane. In this sense, the support of Corendon Airlines is also very important. All teams have a plane. It helps us better manage time and recovery processes, especially with these challenging fixtures. This is hugely important to us. ” found the assessment.

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