Bakasetas, who stayed on the field for 2 thousand 841 minutes in 34 matches in the Super League, scored 10 goals. Bakasetas, one of the influential figures in the way of team goals, and noted that Turkey Cup 4 goals in 9 matches.
Bakasetas, one of the favorite players of the transfer season with his performance, is known by many clubs from Turkey and abroad. Club President Hasan Cavusoglu before the days of living for Bakasetas the form of his career „had a release clause in the contract of 5 million euros. I do not think can get the club in Turkey.“ had used the expressions.

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He had the season of his career scorer

Bakesetas, who succeeded in scoring 12 goals in 36 games in the Greek team Panionios in his career, had the most productive season of his career with 14 goals scored in the Mediterranean representative this season. In 9 games where Bakasetas scored goals in the Super League, Alanyaspor did not lose, but won 8 with a draw.


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