Club president Hasan Çavuşoğlu said at the signing ceremony that they had an important day in the transfer.

Previously hut they publish their players from the official site highlight Cavusoglu, „before he Babacar everyone knows a player wants to take some of the clubs in Turkey. In particular, I thank you for that Babacar to Alanyaspor prefer. Good luck auspicious, I hope very nice season we believe it will pass. “ he said.

President Çavuşoğlu, about François Moubandje, „François is a player of Dinamo Zagreb as it is known. We bought it for a year on loan. He also plays in the national team of his country. I thank him for choosing us. I hope he will fill our gap in the left-back position.“ used the expressions.

Stating that they hired Ahmet Çağrı Güney from Bursaspor for 2 years with the option to buy, Çavuşoğlu stated that the future of the young goalkeeper is bright.

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Alanyaspor as missing almost tell that they have completed Cavusoglu, „then perhaps more transfers 1-2. But we have completed the transfer to the regions that are missing in our team. League will begin next week. Both our team as well as passing a scot-free season to clubs in Turkey, I wish you success . “ he spoke.

Babacar: „I’m here for success“

Khouma Babacar also expressed his happiness to be in Alanya.

Senegalese 27-year-old football player thanked the club managers who trusted him and said, „Before I came here, I had an exchange of views with the Italian assistant coach Franchesco. He talked about how beautiful this club is and the beauty of the city. I can say that it was effective in my decision. I am here for success. I hope this success is the team. we will reach with my friends. “ found the evaluation.

At the end of the ceremony, the players signed their first jerseys and presented them to Mayor Hasan Çavuşoğlu. yenilenen adresi olarak karşımıza çıkıyor. giriş sonrası %100 Hoşgeldin promosyon kazanabiliyorsunuz.


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